In an increasingly diverse working world, it is essential for organizations and teams to be able to interact meaningfully with people from different backgrounds.  Diverse organizations and teams with cultural competence promote greater innovation, productivity, and profit.

With a B.A. in Multicultural Studies: Conflict and Cooperation, and years of hands on diversity experience within educational, nonprofit, and corporate settings, Jillian Hubbard brings a wealth of knowledge and strategies to your organization.  Her expertise in diversity and inclusion allows her to take a comprehensive, strengths-based approach to help organizations recognize, appreciate, and maximize on the strength of their diversity.

Jillian has facilitated multiple conversations on diversity, from hour-long workshops to week-long training programs.  She has worked with a variety of audiences, from grade school and college students to community leaders, professionals, and executives, and has coached others on how to create and lead diversity-focused seminars.  Jillian has also worked to institute new programming into organizations, allowing them to more deeply explore topics of diversity, inclusion, and privilege.  Through her efforts, Jillian has assisted organizations with enhancing their understanding of diversity and improving how they work together as inclusive teams.