organizational Development

talent development

diversity and inclusion

how do they fit together?

Creating meaningful and lasting change, whether large or small, requires thoughtful, strategic planning and involves all levels of an organization.  To manage these processes effectively, organizations must understand the personal, cultural, and organizational dynamics at work and how to utilize them to promote success.  When all necessary people and factors are proactively involved in the change process, organizations gain profit, productivity, time and talent.

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Jillian Hubbard Consulting provides customized support and expertise in these areas to ensure that your organization creates change that is both effective and sustainable.  By actively incorporating and working with the organizational, talent, and diversity aspects that play a role in your change processes, Jillian helps your organization take a holistc approach to creating change.

Whether you are looking to create a strong internship program, evaluate an existing program, or improve the dynamic of a team, Jillian will ensure all aspects of the change process are incorporated to bring about sustainable, holistic change.  Jillian's strength in creating and executing strategies helps to ensure that organizations will have a smooth and exciting change process and create a more enjoyable organization.