"While working with Jillian, I had many projects that needed to move forward, and I was able to give her complete control of several of them.  She took the initiative to prioritize each one, stayed on task, and helped motivate staff during a period of change that helped us achieve real results.  As part of her work, Jillian developed a comprehensive internship program, from recruitment to evaluation and created detailed documents that allowed us to manage it easily.  Jillian is able to deal with organizational matters from program development to human resources, and I would recommend her to organizations in similar situations for their consulting needs."

Elizabeth Williams-Riley
President and CEO at the American Conference on Diversity

"In addition to her exceptional credentials, Jillian has an impeccable work ethic .   I know this first hand as I hired Jillian on several occasions to undertake projects for my diversity consulting practice, and I have marveled at her pleasant manner and commitment to and execution of tasks. She is well-organized, meets deadlines, shows great initiative and that rarely seen quality of follow-through and follow-up.   Jillian has all the values that an organization would look to cultivate: honesty, integrity, giving to others, faith in oneself, and commitment to community and leadership.   Anyone who meets her can appreciate her cultural and creative sensibilities."

Verna Myers
Principal at Verna Myers Consulting Group, LLC